About us

COHBS supplies raw materials to companies engaged in the manufacture of animal feed, ceramics, polyurethane foams, fiberglass, foundries, lubricants, oilfield drilling chemicals, basic pharmaceuticals & water treatment chemicals.

We are continuously expanding & enhancing our product range to cater for the needs of manufacturers in Nigeria.

We understand that demand for chemicals is important and customers want products to be delivered at short notice. Our logistics team provides the optimum delivery mode for your requirements – quantities you want and right when you want them. We provide drop-off directly at your production facilities – including “just in time” delivery. This arrangement not only saves on warehousing costs, but improves your cash flow.We are committed to building long-term partnerships with our suppliers and customers alike.

Our commitment

We are committed to providing a wide range of products, services, and personalized solutions to meet our customer requirements and handle technical issues through collaboration with our suppliers.

Are you trying to find suppliers to satisfy your needs for an already-existing product, or are you searching for materials for a new one? We are the solutions you need; we are chemical outsourcing experts.

We provide raw materials to businesses that produce ceramics, fiberglass, polyurethane foams, animal feed, foundries, lubricants, basic pharmaceuticals, water treatment chemicals, and oilfield drilling chemicals.

Water treatment solutions, industrial chemicals, water treatment supplies, and laboratory chemicals