The Dangote Group, founded by Aliko Dangote, is the largest conglomerate in West Africa and a powerhouse in Sub-Saharan Africa’s economic landscape. With a vision to become the leading provider of essential daily needs in food and shelter across the region, the Dangote Group continually strives to enhance the quality of life for millions while delivering high returns to its stakeholders.

Mission and Vision

  • Vision: To be a world-class enterprise passionate about the quality of life of the general populace and delivering high returns to stakeholders.
  • Mission: To touch the lives of people by providing their basic needs, focusing on essential goods and services that improve living standards.

Core Sectors

  • Cement Manufacturing

    • Dangote Cement Plc is the largest listed company in West Africa and a market leader in cement production across the continent.
    • Operations in multiple African countries, contributing significantly to infrastructure development.
  • Sugar Refining

    • Leading sugar milling and refining operations to meet the high demand for sugar in Nigeria and beyond.
    • Focus on sustainability and local value addition.
  • Salt & Seasonings

    • Production and distribution of high-quality salt and seasonings to enhance food preservation and flavor.
    • Commitment to providing affordable and accessible products.
  • Fertilizer

    • Large-scale fertilizer production to support agricultural productivity and food security.
    • Innovative solutions to enhance soil fertility and crop yields.
  • Infrastructure

    • Development of critical infrastructure projects to support economic growth and connectivity.
    • Active participation in construction, road building, and urban development.
  • Agriculture:

    • Tomato Farming: Investment in large-scale tomato farming to reduce import dependency and boost local production.
    • Rice Farming: Development of extensive rice farming operations to contribute to Nigeria’s food self-sufficiency.
  • Energy and Petrochemicals

    • Refinery: Construction of one of the world’s largest refineries to meet local and regional fuel needs.
    • Energy: Investments in energy solutions to power industries and communities.
    • Petrochemicals: Production of essential chemicals for industrial applications.
  • Logistics and Maritime

    • Comprehensive logistics solutions to ensure efficient product distribution across Africa.
    • Port operations to facilitate smooth import and export activities.
  • Real Estate

    • Development of residential and commercial properties to address housing needs and urbanization challenges.
    • Focus on creating sustainable and affordable living spaces.
  • Automotive

    • Investment in the automotive sector to promote local vehicle assembly and manufacturing.
    • Support for the development of a robust automotive industry in Nigeria.
  • Training Academy

    • Establishment of a training academy to build local capacity and develop skilled professionals.
    • Emphasis on continuous learning and workforce development.
  • Mining

    • Exploration and extraction of mineral resources to support industrial growth and development.
    • Commitment to sustainable mining practices.

Growth and Strategy

The Dangote Group’s corporate strategy has evolved over the last four decades, transitioning from bulk commodity trading in the 1970s to manufacturing and import substitution in the late 1990s, and further to strategic asset acquisition and backward integration in the early 2000s. This evolution aligns with the Nigerian government’s privatization policies and the Group’s expansion plans across Africa.

Achievements and Recognition

  • Market Leader: The Dangote Group continues to sustain and improve its market leadership in cement manufacturing, sugar milling, sugar refining, port operations, packaging material production, and salt refining.
  • Presence in 17 Countries: The Group currently has operations in 17 African countries, contributing significantly to the continent’s economic development.
  • Forbes Global 2000: Dangote Cement Plc is the first Nigerian company to join the prestigious Forbes Global 2000 Companies list.

Community and Economic Impact

  • Employment Generation: Creating thousands of jobs across various sectors to boost local economies.
  • Local Value Addition: Reducing capital flight and increasing local production capabilities.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Engaging in numerous CSR activities to uplift communities and support sustainable development.