The Maritime Academy of Nigeria, formerly known and address as the Nautical College of Nigeria was established in 1977 by the Federal Executive Conclusion No. EC(77) 172 with assistance from the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). It was established as a training institution under the Research and Statistic Department of the Federal Ministry of Transport. It was declared open for classes on the 6th of October 1979. The academy was originally designed as an integrated institution for the education and training of shipboard officers and ratings and shore-based management personnel.

At inception, the Nautical College was made up of three Academic Department, namely, the Nautical Science, Marine Engineering and General Studies. Following the ratification of the STCW 1978 Convention by Nigeria in 1986, the status of the Nautical College of Nigeria was upgraded by Decree No 16 of 1988 (now Cap M3 LFN 20), its responsibilities enlarged and its name changed to Maritime Academy of Nigeria .

Who We Are in the Maritime Industry
The Maritime Academy of Nigeria is Nigeria’s premier maritime institution, charged with the responsibility of training all Level of manpower to man Merchant Navy Ships, Ports, Maritime Engineering Workshops, Pilotage, Shipyards and other Marine related industries.

The Academy is listed in the International Maritime Organization’s White list of countries that have fully complied with the STCW 1978 Convention, as amended in 2010..

The Academy has Three Schools Namely School of Marine Engineering, School of Maritime Studies and School of Nautical Studies, the Academy also has specialized Centers, Library/Resource Center and Academic Departments. In addition, the Academy has a Rectorate, Registry, Bursary, Legal Department, ICT Center, Works and Services, Health Services and Research and Statistics Department to support the academics. To take care of cadet’s welfare, instill discipline and impart regimental training, the Academy has a Regimental Unit man by a serving Nigeria Naval Officers and ratings and supported by the Cadets Executives.


To be internationally recognized as a center of excellence in Maritime Education and Training..


To provide the Merchant Navy, the Maritime Industry and Allied Industries, qualitative education and training that accords with up-to-date technology, meets national and international standards and satisfies end-user expectation.

List Of Courses Offered In Nigerian Maritime Academy 2024

This is to notify the public and all Nigerian students and JAMB Candidates who wish to pursue a degree program at Nigerian Maritime Academy (NMA) that the official list of courses offered in the school is now available.

The Faculty of Engineering

It has five departments which include:

  • Marine Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Petroleum and Gas Engineering

The Faculty of Environmental Management

It has four departments which include:

  • Environmental Management and Pollution
  • Meteorology and Climate Change
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Marine Geology

The Faculty of Transport

This faculty has four departments which include:

  • Nautical Science
  • Transport Logistics Management
  • Marine Economics and Finance
  • Port Management