MEDIPLAN Healthcare Limited is a Health Maintenance Organization incorporated in May 2000 in Nigeria to carry on the business of providing healthcare services to corporate organizations and members of the public, under a prepaid arrangement, utilizing a network of primary, secondary and specialist healthcare providers nationwide.

MEDIPLAN Healthcare Ltd is a GIANT in managed medical care delivery, and is duly accredited by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) as a NATIONAL Health Maintenance Organization to participate in the National Health Insurance Scheme. Apart from the numerous corporate clients and individual policy holders, Mediplan provides health cover for the staff and their dependants of the Federal Ministry of Works, Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development, and Federal Ministry of Labour & Productivity. We also provide coverage for men and officers of the Police Force and their dependants in Oyo, Osun and Ondo states in Nigeria.

Our goal is to elevate the quality of healthcare services to the highest level in the country at an affordable cost.  It is in furtherance of this that our Company was established to fully participate in the provision of healthcare services in the country using Managed Care.   This is a system of delivering a set of healthcare services to defined voluntarily enrolled clients through a network of Healthcare Providers (HCP) i.e. hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, etc. This system ensures improved health outcomes at very reasonable cost. It is a prepaid scheme, in which payment for healthcare coverage is in the form of insurance premium, which is calculated as a fixed amount per person per annum.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision is to be the preferred and foremost Health Maintenance Organization in Nigeria.

Our Mission is to render with unparalleled professionalism affordable and qualitative healthcare services that meet international standard to members of the public through a mutually beneficial partnership with a network of highly efficient healthcare providers.

Our Core Values

The following distinctive qualities, as summarized by the acronym – SRIPPT form our core values, which have immeasurably contributed to the attainment of our organizational goals and successes in the Health Insurance Industry.

SRIPPT Simply means –

S – Speed i.e. promptness in claims settlement (all medical claims are to be settled within two weeks).

R – Responsiveness to clients needs.

I   – Integrity

P  – Professionalism in service delivery via promotion of skills and quality.

P  – Partnering for mutual beneficial relationships with providers and clients.

T  – Technology (Human & Machine).