We provide the following services:

  • Provision of Lubricants such as raw materials:
  • Mineral Base Oils (Groups 1 and 1+ (High VI goods), Groups 2 and 3, Origin: Korea, USA, Europe, KSA.
  • Poly Alpha Olefins, number 2. European origin.
  • UAE-Origin DI Packages for Automotive Lubricants
  • UAE-Origin DI Packages for Industrial Lubricants
  • Pour Point depressants and VIIs based on PMA, Origin: India
  • USA-Origin Viscosity Index Improvers/Modifiers.
  • Emulsifiers and packaging for metalworking fluids, from India
  • Straight oil, chain oil, and spray oil additives have an Indian origin.
  • Coolants and brake fluids with UK and Russian origins.
  • HCO, 12 HSA, EP Additives, Lithium Hydroxide for Grease, Origin: China, India.
  • Corrosion inhibitors for brake fluids and coolants, from India
  • Anti-foams made of silicon and other materials, origin: India.
  • Components (TBN Boosters, Dispersants, ZDDPs, Anti-oxidants), Origin: Europe, China, India.

Marine Services:

  • Supply of all kinds of Hoses: Rubber hose, UHMWPE pipes, HDPE pipes, floaters and other industrial Hoses with our Associate.

Real Estate:

  • Building of structures, Construction of roads using Stone Pavers, Sales of Lands and Lands for Joint Ventures (JV)

Oil & Energy Services:

Refined petroleum products such as; PMS, AGO, DPK and LPFO, Sales and lease of Tank farms, Sales of filling stations.

  • Preventive maintenance on Flow stations, Gas plants, Vessels and Tanflk farms.
  • Offshore and Onshore supplies
  • Mining