Established in 1982, Eko Hospital is a leading private healthcare institution in Nigeria, dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare services to the people of Lagos State and beyond.

History and Mission

Eko Hospital traces its roots back to the Mercy Specialist Clinic of the late 1970s, which laid the foundation for the hospital’s commitment to delivering quality healthcare services. Our main objective is to offer a wide range of health services, including secondary, regional, and national healthcare solutions. Notably, Eko Hospital holds the distinction of being the first private hospital listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.


Eko Hospital operates a primary facility in Ikeja and annexes in Ikoyi, Central Lagos, and Surulere. Our strategically located facilities ensure accessibility and convenience for our patients across Lagos State.

Facilities and Services

Ikeja Annex

The Ikeja annex boasts approximately 130 beds and is equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities to conduct a variety of diagnostic tests and treatments. Our facilities include:

  • Audiometry Unit: Conducting hearing tests to enhance diagnostic accuracy.
  • Dialysis Unit: Diagnosis and treatment of kidney-related conditions.
  • Medical Laboratory: Comprehensive diagnostic services for various infections and diseases.
  • Blood Bank: Ensuring the availability of blood for emergency purposes.
  • Physiotherapy Unit: Providing holistic care to inpatients.
  • Pathology Laboratory: Advanced diagnostic testing services.
  • Comprehensive Health Screening: Promoting preventive healthcare measures.
  • CT Scan Computerized Coaxial: Advanced imaging technology for accurate diagnosis.
  • Angiography: Diagnostic imaging for cardiovascular conditions.
  • Prostate Screening: Vital screening services for men’s health.
  • Tomography: Imaging services for precise diagnosis.
  • Intensive Care Unit: Specialized care for critically ill patients.
  • Fertility Centre (In Vitro Fertilization Unit): Offering advanced reproductive healthcare services.

Surulere Annex

The Surulere annex is a 40-bed secondary healthcare facility, providing essential medical services to the local community.

At Eko Hospital, we are committed to excellence in healthcare delivery, leveraging cutting-edge technology and a team of skilled professionals to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

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